A "Hidden Treasure" in Vergas, MN
Gordon's Dairy Museum
I have lived in Vergas all my life and have always known about
Gordon's Dairy Museum, but had never really taken the time to go
in and tour it. So I decided to go in and take a look around, I was in
for quite a treat. Not only did I get to check out the museum, but I
got a guide as well, the creator of the museum himself, Gordon
Dahlgren. Gordon showed me around every corner pointing out
the significance of certain dairy artifacts of Vergas and smiling
from ear to ear when pointing out  prized dairy memorabilia he had
been searching for and was finally able to add to his vast dairy
collection. During my tour I learned a lot about the Dairy Historian.
Gordon grew up on a dairy farm in Kensington,
Minnesota, where he and his father milked by hand
25-30 cows each morning before school and then once
again at night. Gordon stated there was always work to
be done on the farm, but he enjoyed his work on the
tractor the most. In the late 1940's the farm was sold
due to his father's poor health.
In the 1950's Gordon and his wife Marian moved to the
community of Vergas where Gordon became president
and chairman of the board of the Vergas State Bank.
Over the years Gordon began to collect dairy
memorabilia and stored and displayed it his home.
His wife Marian told him that their home was not a museum and
that he would have to find a better place for all of his collectibles.
So Gordon moved his dairy possessions to his home away from
home, the Vergas State Bank. Over the years the bank became
quite full of Gordon's finds. Every wall and corner displayed his
collectibles. In the early 1990's when the Vergas State Bank was
remodeled Gordon finally found a home for his dairy possessions
in the lower level of the bank. However Gordon is beginning to
outgrow this museum as well, due to all of the collectibles and
donations of others who want their dairy possessions displayed in
a dairy museum. Gordon is always looking for new dairy items to
add to his collection. He has over 100 cheese boxes from different
towns through out the state of Minnesota. He carries a list in his
wallet so when he is antiquing he doesn't double up ones he
already possess.
Gordon also collects butter boxes from communities in the
Vergas Butter Box. He possess butter boxes from all the
surrounding communities of Vergas except Pelican
Rapids. He has not found one from that community yet,
nor has he found one from his hometown of Kensington,
Minnesota. He is always searching for those two boxes to
add to his collection. Other dairy items Gordon has
includes numerous butter molds, churns, milk bottles, and
many other dairy equipment.  
I have to admit that this farm girl doesn't know a lot
about dairy, because I was raised on a hog farm, but I do
understand the importance of preserving all of our
community's  agricultural history, and I believe Gordon
Dahlgren has done an excellent job preserving the
history of dairy in the community of Verags.
Gordon was excellent guide and educated me on many
interesting dairy facts. He pointed out each item and
explained to me what era it was from and how it was
operated, showing me many things that were owned and
operated by people in our own community.
What I found most interesting on my guided tour of
Gordon's Dairy Museum, is how passionate Gordon is
about the community of Vergas and his want of
preserving it's dairy history.  We truly have a "Hidden
Treasure" in our little community. So whether you are a
local or just passing through, it's worth your time to
come in and visit Gordon's Dairy Museum.
You'll be glad you did, I sure was.
Gordons' Dairy Museum
Open during regular
banking hours & by
Gordons' Dairy Museum
Open during regular
banking hours & by
Melissa C. Bunkowske