Dayle Peterson T.I.P. (Turn
In Poachers)
Representative, handing
over a check for $10,000 to
Sherri Hanson a Trail
Committee Member for the
Vergas Trail.
The Vergas Long Lake Trail
Dedicated to the Public Service of Rodger Hanson
"A Safety Lane from Vergas Main Street to Long Lake Park"
All-Out Support for the Trail is Needed!

Send Inquiries & Contributions to:
City of Vergas, PO Box 32, Vergas, MN 56587
Vergas State Bank, PO Box 67, Vergas, MN 56587
Rodney Hanson, PO Box 99, Vergas, MN 56587

Your tax deductible check can be made out to "The Trail"
A safe walkway from Main Street, Vergas to the Vergas Park has been planned for many
years. With the building of the Loon Statue in 1963 it took a new importance. The Vergas
City Council has been working with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (DOT)
for several years designing a corridor along existing Hwy. 228 right-of-way. The estimated
cost of the project is $375,000. With the help of Sen. Cal Larson, a $172,330 grant from
the DOT was received contingent upon securing additional funding. A grant from the
Department of Natural Resources is pending. A Rodger Hanson Memorial Fund has been
established, and at present has a balance near $7,000 committed to the project.

The dedication ceremony for The Vergas Long Lake Trail was held on
Saturday, August 16th, 2008.
Ariel View of proposed trail
from Main Street of Vergas,
to Long Lake Park.
The "Scooter Boys" of Vergas
The trail has become a reality  through the efforts of the
Vergas City Council in co-operation with the Volunteer
Trail Committee, MNDOT, MNDNR, Ulteig Engineers and
State Legislators.
It should also be noted that the project would not have
happened without the contributions of 93 people and
organizations listed.
More donations are needed to pay off the existing
$20,000 debt and to enable the city to proceed with the
remaining phases of making a safety lane al the way to
Main Street Vergas.
We are asking for your continued support, those that
have already generously donated and those of you who
have not yet. Let your name be added to the permanent
sign that will be erected, and know what you can be a
proud part of this worthwhile project!

The Vergas Long Lake Trail Committee